Lunch or Dinner we want to impress. We have seven distinct dining areas including our ‘Snug’ Bar. Our main restaurant progresses from the Olde Worlde lounge bar via two central areas separated by glazed panelling, then to the west, our ‘raised area’ that overlooks our large garden.
For over ten years we have refreshed and innovated our venue as well as our dining and drinking experience. As we evolve our offering our core values – quality with no compromise – attention to detail, creativity – exceptional customer service – remain the same.

Part of our success is a lack of pretention. We are not ’exclusive’. Our restaurant relies on local, repeat customers, as well as those prepared to travel a little more than ‘just down the street’– they keep us afloat and on our toes. We are a dining option available to everyone – from 17 year olds on their first date, to couples on their 50th wedding anniversary, to companies having a corporate function. Yet our food is frequently compared to top London restaurants.

Our menus are designed for ‘accessibility’. Broad and varied, at different price points and levels of sophistication. Our wine list is invariably selected by Richard, with twenty years or more of studying wines Richard is not afraid to indulge in the more recent challengers to the traditional best. Take time to peruse his wine list. Our bars offer a range of Real Ales, Lagers, Guiness, Craft Ales, and an interesting selection of quality Whisky as well as a range of craft Gins. The Cocktail list should be perused and we have a range of soft drinks to suit everyone.

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